From the name, you probably have an idea that you are now on a site that prioritises foot health. This is a site that regards feet as the wheels that move the body, and therefore places great focus on taking good care of them. Unlike tyres, feet cannot be replaced, hence an even greater need to take proper care of them.

Site Content

This site has helpful articles for everyone who does some of their daily movement on foot. These could be professional runners, joggers or people who just walk around to get errands done. The articles on the site cover various topics, among them:

  • General Foot Care

This section looks into the different practices that can be observed to keep feet healthy. For perspective, different foot injuries are discussed in order to help readers avoid them. The importance of feet hygiene is also discussed.

  • Pain-free Running

Running injuries are a common problem, but, with a little knowledge, many of them can be avoided. This section discusses how to make the running experience free of pain and injuries.

  • Orthotics

the practice of foot problem correction is also discussed. This section sheds light on what it entails and why it is important to engage a specialist when doing it.

The balance Foot Care Team

The content on this site has been created with a focus on both delivery and substance. The articles are written with great care to ensure that even otherwise difficult concepts are easy to understand. Additionally, a great deal of research has been done to ensure the content is helpful to readers.