Reasons to Use Foot Orthotics

Do you want to treat your feet and legs with the care they deserve? If you want to relieve stress and tension in your feet, ankles, hips, and other parts of your legs, you should consider using foot orthotics.

What Are Foot Orthotics?

Foot orthotics are implements used in shoes to correct the way your feet work.

They enhance your walking patterns, body balance, and range-of-motion by properly positioning your feet and ankle bones.

Benefits of Orthotics

Usually, foot orthotics are worn to help prevent injuries and aggravation that arise from underlying alignment issues. They work to correct and restore the full functioning of the feet.

They also redistribute the weight of your body more evenly to relieve certain areas of your feet and legs.

You may not simply be looking for a foot orthotic to provide improved shock absorption. But the forceful impact your feet make with the ground every time you walk should be minimised. And orthotics can do this.

Who Should Use Orthotics?

Those who should use foot orthotics include:

  • People suffering from foot and heel pain
  • Sufferers of knee pain
  • People with back pain or injuries
  • Athletes and those who frequently run
  • Diabetics
  • People with arthritis

People with plantar fasciitis and those with chronic injuries should also consider using orthotics.

Types of Foot Orthotics

You have two options when looking for foot orthotics: off-the-shelf orthotics and custom-made orthotics.

Off-the-shelf options are pre-moulded and prefabricated. Easily found at pharmacies and footwear retailers, these are primarily used to provide cushioning and comfort to the feet.

Custom-fitted orthotics, by contrast, are individualised to fit a particular foot, depending on shape and size. They are fairly costly, but provide a much better option for treating conditions of the feet and ankles.

What’s more, custom-fitted orthotics can be modified to suit the particular needs of the wearer.