Strategies for Pain-and Injury-free Running

Running is a full-contact sport and every stride you take makes a forceful impact force on the ground. And this is why most runners are prone to injuries. In fact, the pounding that comes with running will certainly inflict an injury several times a year. You want to make sure that you escape the injuries that come with running by following these injury prevention tips.

Warm Up

If you’ve been running for extended periods, someone may have advised you to perform a warm-up before a race. Did you know that even a few lunges and some leg swings are can warm up and prepare your muscles before a run? Getting started may look like an uphill task, but once you get used, it’ll feel strange to run or race before committing to a warm-up.

Know When to Stop

You may have read many blogs about preventing injuries or may have received advice from podiatrists and other specialists. But the final decision rests with you. If you push your body too hard, you’re definitely creating a recipe for disaster. Put simply, avoid overtraining and learn to back off when necessary. Always listen to your legs and body, in general. If you can’t continue, just stop, and continue at some other time or day.

Increase Weekly Miles Steadily

The proposition that “faster runners tend to run more miles” is not uncommon. Ideally, the more miles you cover, the higher your chances of getting injured. But how do you increase your mileage without getting injured? Simply commit to a strategic approach of adding a mile or two in a day, or do an additional 10 miles per week. Anything above might cause pain and injuries.

Another way to prevent sports-related injuries is to run on a variety of surfaces by alternating between hard surfaces like concrete and soft surfaces, such as grass. Lastly, be sure to wear sport-specific shoes and always stay informed.